Guide On How To Choose An El Paso Bankruptcy Lawyer

Eric-Martinez-Bankruptcy-Lawyer-El-PasoEven though an El Paso bankruptcy lawyer is knowledgeable on the court procedures and rules, it is important to know how to choose a bankruptcy lawyer. This guide is of high significance considering that the only time people search for a bankruptcy lawyer is when undergoing financial difficulties. In El Paso, Texas, the retainer fee for an attorney specialized in bankruptcy is also quite high. In lieu to this, we cannot simply rely on television and yellow pages adverts to find a worthwhile bankruptcy lawyer. Here are the key points to an outstanding lawyer

1. What are Your Bankruptcy Goals?

Filing for bankruptcy in El Paso TX requires a numerous amount of filing that lawyers undertake. It is necessary to evaluate your goals. This will help you decide on the kind of filing you need. Only then can you effectively use this as a guide on how to choose a bankruptcy lawyer.

For example, one may be seeking to file for bankruptcy at an individual level, business level or even to restructure debts. Sometimes, one may be seeking for help during financial hardships (thus a Chapter 7 filing) or when the debt is too great (Chapter 13 filing).

2. Find A List of Bankruptcy Attorneys

There are numerous ways of searching for bankruptcy lawyers including the use of information on the internet as well as lawyer directories. Here in El Paso, Texas, it is easy to find a lawyer through referrals. There are also bar associations that help you in this process. This information is helpful in narrowing down on the specific lawyers who spike your interest.

3. Look For An Experienced Lawyer

Experience normally translates to prowess. The number of years in practice is not a final indicator for this. It is important to query on the number and types of cases that a lawyer has handled before. For instance, some lawyers have handled more Chapter 7 than Chapter 13 cases. Normally, it is advisable to go with a bankruptcy lawyer who has worked with Chapter 7 as this shows a high likelihood of success. Lawyers who have handled most Chapter 13 cases are the ones who focus on making profits than helping their clients.

4. Attorneys Background and Partnership to NACBA

A good lawyer is one with nothing to hide and most of their background information is found on the company’s web page. Significant pointers include good law schools and a history of working with various clients. If possible, you could request for referrals or read testimonies about them online. Once you are satisfied, you can decide on whether or not to hire them.

A bankruptcy lawyer is also supposed to be a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

5. Seek A Free Consultation

Free consultations are always available online and many experienced lawyers take this as an opportunity to assess the situation. This is an opportunity for you to pose a burning question and allow the specific lawyer to assess your situation. Their response will guide you on whether or not to make an appointment.

6. Set Up An Appointment

At this stage, you must have honed in on some prospects and an office visit is paramount. An appointment gives you a glimpse of the workload the lawyer handles.

So many people today even here in El Paso, Texas are on the brink of bankruptcy. This guide will help you do a thorough homework while making a suitable decision on how to choose a bankruptcy lawyer.

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